1. Scuba and Skin Diving (KIN 156)

    • Most people only see the depths of the ocean from documentary series “Blue Planet” on their Netflix account. However, if you take this eight-week course and get your scuba-diving certification, you can explore the aquatic world in person.
  2. Fencing (KIN 128)
    • Sword fight! Whether you want to become a swashbuckling pirate or appear in the next season of Game of Thrones, learning how to fence can be a useful life skill. Choose your weapon – foil, sabre or epee – and master your sword skills in this elective course.
  3. Basic Skiing or Snowboarding (KIN 131)
    • If you like to shred the gnar, this is the cold weather course for you. After learning the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding, you can join your fellow Dukes with confidence on Massanutten Mountain.
  4. Fly Fishing (GSCI 104)
    • Bill Nye might think science rules, but not everyone is as ecstatic about the field. If you wait until the end of your college career to knock out your science lab gen-ed, this could be the perfect class to fulfill the requirement in a hands-on way. You might even make a catch!
  5. David Daniel’s GPSYCH 160
    • Everyone needs to take a cluster five gen-ed, so why not take one with a little eye candy? The self-proclaimed combination of Brad Pitt and Eric Cartman was voted America’s hottest professor. He’s also a stand-up comic and one of the leading U.S. professors helping to drive public debate about education.
  6. Projects in ISAT- Community Service (ISAT 280)
    • Playing with Puppies and coaching youth flag football are not classes at JMU, but ISAT 280 affords students the opportunity to get one to three class credits for completing community service in the Harrisonburg community. Whether you’re volunteering at the SPCA, or Harrisonburg Parks and Rec, this class will warm your heart and boost your GPA.
  7. History of Rock (GMUS 204)
    • Rock your socks off and gain an appreciation for the historical contexts of rock music. Unfortunately, JMU couldn’t get Jack Black to teach the course, but Professor Joseph Taylor, a.k.a. “Ojo”, is a favorite amongst Music Industry majors and minors. It’s also a nice change of pace from your typical gen-ed requirements.
  8. Ballroom Dancing (DANC 144)
    • Dance the semester away in this two credit class. Ladies love a man that can dance, and this class will help you sweep a pretty girl off her feet. Channel your inner Patrick Swayze and try a little dirty dancing next semester.
  9. Introduction to Acting I (THEA 251)
    • Growing up, many kids have the dream of being a famous actor or actress. While it’s true not everyone will turn into Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Lawrence, this class gives you a chance to find your hidden talent. Learn improv and stage presence in this fun class that lets you chase your dream of being a movie star.
  10. Dollars and Sense (IS 275)
    • Upon graduation, students are loaded with knowledge of their major. However, Chemistry and Hospitality Management don’t teach you how to budget your money. Most college students are used to being broke; this class helps teach budgeting and personal finance skills to students so they can chase the American Dream.

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