Dakota Tackels '15
Dakota Tackels ’15

Everyone knows that JMU has the perfect natural surroundings and campus activities to support the needs of even the most adventurous person. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, intramural sports, bike riding, scuba diving, spelunking, or skiing down Massanutten, opportunities to be active abound in Harrisonburg. Students spend time participating in these activities every week; now you have the chance to be recognized and win prizes for your love of connecting with nature.

The North Face is hosting an Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge to see which school is the “epitome of outdoorsy.” Ten schools throughout the nation, including JMU, were selected to participate in this challenge for the title of National Outdoor Champion. Individuals also have the opportunity to be named most outdoorsy person of their school, and in the country. Weekly winners receive prizes such as Camelback and Osprey backpacks, and points are accumulated by completing and submitting outdoor activities over the two-month competition period to determine overall winners. The competition started Sept. 27, and ends Nov. 22, so it’s important that we get those last-minute trips to rack-up extra points.

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University is currently in the lead with 137,950 points. JMU is ranked a distant fourth with just 26,440 points. Although it’s late into the challenge, a comeback could still be in the cards for the Dukes. JMU has over five times the enrollment of the current first-place school, meaning that we have the opportunity to make a late push for the win. Our team is led by Haden Bricker and Denton Asdourian, each posting over 100 entries for 1000 and 990 points, respectively.

Now that it’s November, winter is just around the corner. Everyone in the JMU community needs to take advantage of these last few weeks of sunshine and spend some time in the great outdoors while logging some hours to help propel JMU to the top of the leaderboard. Check out our blog post “Fall Fun in Harrisonburg” for inspiration!

Cover Photo Cred: http://www.free-foundation.org

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