In a new series, we’re going to be bringing you some lovingly crafted playlists perfect for each month of the year. The November edition is full of tunes that pair nicely with the changing leaves and dropping temperatures.

“Love Songs on the Radio” by Mojave 3 is soft and snug just like your favorite sweater. “Golden” by My Morning Jacket would be a great soundtrack for a fall drive through the Shenandoah Valley.

For those in a jazzy mood, tracks from Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis are also featured. Finals are nearing ever closer, and these tunes will help you get in that productive and energetic zone.

When you’re trying to just drink some coffee and chill out, instrumentals from Flying Lotus and No Age will fit your needs. Another instrumental, “Chatanooga” by Daniel Bachman, features some impressive guitar and banjo work from the Virginia native.

Maybe the song most reminiscent of fall on the playlist is Arthur Russell’s “Love is Overtaking Me”. This song has acoustic guitars matched with bouncing percussion. It’s a quiet song that will you keep you moving as you walk to class or the library, and always seems to go well with the falling leaves around town.

You can stream the playlist in the player above, and tune in next month for another collection of great music for all your moments at JMU.

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