We’re in the middle of fall but winter is gradually approaching each day. So now that it’s time to prepare for another snowy and cold season, we are here with a few essentials needed to brave the frigid weather.

       1. A heavy coat

winter jacket

This is the number one necessity on campus. A heavy coat will keep you warm and snuggly no matter where you are. Look for one that is insulated inside so you’ll have double protection from the wind chill.

   2. A pair of gloves

winter gloves

Nothing is worst than having your hands frozen while you’re walking through the quad. Best solution: get a pair of gloves! Don’t want to have cold hands while your texting or changing the song on your phones? Look for a pair designed to work on touchscreens.

3. Boots


Quality boots brave you through the mile-high snow that accumulates in the mountains. Whether you prefer short or long, these boots will keep your feet planted on the ground without slipping and your toes will keep nice and dry!

  4. Hat/Beanie


No one wants their ears to go numb. Invest in a hat to keep your head warm through the  splicing winds and menacing cold.

    5. Large Headphones

earmuff headphones

Now this may not be an essential, but it’s definitely multipurpose. Listen to your music and keep your ears warm! Invest in a pair of fairly cushioned over the head headphones and listen to your music in style or get some earmuffs with headphones attached. Either way you’ll be staying warm.

What can’t you live without during the winter months? Let us know!

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