Whether you’re a potential student or just looking at JMU, where you’re going to live for your first year of college is a big deal. We have all heard the horror stories of evil roommates and dorms the size of shoeboxes, but have no fear you’ve come to the right place. If you are accepted into JMU, you will be asked by Residence Life to rate the area you want to live in from your first to last choice. This can be a daunting decision, but we’ve got you covered!

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What are my choices?
When you rate your choices for where you want to live you’ll be rating them by location. The six locations to choose from are Bluestone, Hillside, Village, Lakeside, Skyline, and the Tree Houses.

How do I choose a roommate?
JMU has you fill out a long and detailed questionnaire. They then take your preferences and try to match you with someone similar. If you already know of someone or have a friend you would like to room with, you can write that you would like to room with them on your application.

A Residential Learning Community what’s that?
A Residential Learning Community puts students in a dorm with other students that share similar interests. Whether it’s the arts, psychology, education, etc., there are many options to choose from.  When you apply for housing you can check whether or not you want to apply for this type of community. These communities include classes related to whatever field of study you are interested in.
To learn more, click here.

What kind of dorm room do you want?
When you apply for housing they will also ask you how many people you want to room with. JMU offers single, double, triple, and even quad rooms. Double rooms are the most common on campus. The more roommates you have, the larger your room will be.

There are also different types of rooms. One is hall style. This is when there is a community bathroom that you’re whole hall shares and your room is not directly connected to. There are different types of suites. Suites are when two or more rooms are connected to one another. Some suites even include a common lounge in between adjoining rooms. These suites usually share a bathroom in some way. In some cases, there are even rooms that have their own private bath. This is usually for quad rooms, however.

Skyline is located on East Campus and consists of four different residence halls.


  • If you’re someone who loves to work out you’ll be right next to UREC and the Arboretum. The Arboretum makes for a great place to run.
  • You can grab food at some of the best dining options on-campus. (East Campus is known for their delicious food!)
  • If you’re interested in majoring in science or technology, many of these classes are taught on East Campus.
  • They are more recently built.
  • They have air conditioning.
  • Overall, the rooms in Skyline are some of the biggest rooms on campus.


  • You’re far away from the Quad and a fair amount of your classes may be on the other side of campus.
  • Rockingham Hall is located on Port Republic Road and is not as close to campus.

Lakeside is situated in between east and west campus and overlooks Newman Lake.


  • You have a beautiful view of the lake.
  • When there’s a football game you won’t miss any of the action.
  • If you’re an athlete, you may be spending a lot of time in Godwin, which is directly across from the Lakeside dorms.
  • If you’re interested in business, many business classes are hosted in Zane Showker Hall, which is located in Lakeside.
  • The Starbucks truck usually hangs around Lakeside for your quick pick me up of coffee.


  • Lakeside is situated in the middle of west and east campus so it’s a bit of a walk to either one.
  • You’re not close to E-hall or D-hall, the two main dining halls, but you do have other eating options nearby.

The Tree Houses
The Tree Houses are right next to Lakeside on the other side of Newman Lake and right next to the sorority houses. They are closer to west campus.


  • If you love the view of the lake, you’ll love the Tree Houses.
  • If you’re thinking of rushing for a sorority, you’ll be close to all the action.
  • They’re air-conditioned!


  • You’ll have a slight walk to class.
  • Wireless Internet is only available in the basement study lounge.
  • There are no dining options right outside your door.

Village is located in between east and west campus. Most freshmen are placed in the Village.


  • Village is mainly suites so you’ll automatically meet a lot of new people.
  • You’re in the middle of campus. Yes, you have a bit of a walk to wherever you go, but nothing is too far away either.
  • You’re right in front of the tunnel that leads to the gym.


  • You’re situated right in the middle of campus so you’ll have somewhat of a walk to class.
  • The closest eating option is Mr. Chip’s. To eat somewhere else, you’ll have to choose: East or West Campus?
  • They have some of the smaller dorm rooms on campus, but you also have a common room for extra space.
  • These dorms are not air-conditioned.
  • They are some of the older dorms on campus.

Hillside is located near the Quad on west campus.

  • So you might not be directly on the quad, but Hillside is right next to the tennis courts and has its own green space in front of it for students to use.
  • You’re right next to Top Dog, PC Dukes, and Dog Pound. You’ll be thankful for close dining options during those cold winter days.
  • You’re also very close to many buildings in which your classes might be held and the Student Center!
  • There’s a 24-hour computer lab located in Hillside.
  • They’re air-conditioned!


  • You’re not on the quad, but you’re really close!
  • East Campus is a little far away, but hey that’s what the bus is for, right?

Bluestone consists of the buildings surrounding the quad and is on the west side of campus.

  • You’re right next to the quad! You’ll always have a blanket and a Frisbee ready for those warm, sunny days!
  • Many classes are located on West Campus so it won’t take too long for you to reach where you’re going.
  • The Bluestones are arguably the most scenic part of campus. Get your camera ready!


  • You’re going to have to wake up earlier to get to that class on the other side of campus.
  • Wampler Hall is not air-conditioned.

What am I closest to?
Skyline – UREC (campus gym), Rose Library, Arboretum

Lakeside – Bridgeforth stadium, Newman Lake, The Bookstore

The Tree Houses – Bridgeforth stadium, Newman Lake, sorority houses

Village – Mister Chips, Grafton Stovall Movie Theater, The Bookstore, UREC

Hillside – Carrier Library, Student Success Center, Grafton Stovall Movie Theater, Taylor Down Under

Bluestone – the Quad, Carrier Library, Student Success Center

Closest dining options?
Skyline – E-hall, Festival, Jemmy’s

Lakeside – Mrs. Green’s, P.O.D Express at Showker Hall, Let’s Go Local, or Lakeside Express

The Tree Houses  – Mrs. Green’s, P.O.D Express at Showker Hall, Let’s Go Local, or Lakeside Express

Village – Mister Chips, D-hall, Madison Grill

Hillside –P.C. Dukes, Top Dog, Dog Pound

Bluestone – D-hall, (Chick-Fil-A, Market One, and Einstein Bros. Bagels are all located in the same building)

These are just the closest dining options. There are many more places to eat around campus. JMU has over 25 different places to grab a bite to eat.

When ranking your choices, there are many options to choose from. Consider your personality type when choosing between a single, double, triple, or quad and think about what amenities you want to be closest to when choosing a housing location. You may not get your first choice, but as you can see all dorms have their negatives and their positives.

To learn more about on-campus housing, visit their website at http://www.jmu.edu/orl/housing/ or check out the JMU Res Life app.

We also want to hear from you! Share your dorm pictures with us along with what dorm you live in and you might just be featured on our blog. To send in your pictures, email us at publicaffairs@jmu.edu.

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