It’s only been one whole week back at JMU and we’ve already had a bit of snow! Depending on the kind of person you are, that’s either a cause for rejoicing or an ill omen what’s to come. Whichever way you feel about the cold stuff, here’s another JMU Spotify playlist to get you back into class-mode after the long winter break. Strap on your boots and get sliding on these icy cool tunes.

Caribou released one of the more critically acclaimed electronic albums in 2014, and its opener “Silver” is a head-nodding yet calming dance song that will help with those cold mornings. “The Sticks” by the Budos Band will make the snow covered mountains look like they belong in Middle Earth and that you are a fur covered warrior getting work done like always. Viet Cong and Panda Bear are both releasing albums this month that will likely stick around all year so be sure to get into those early. Instrumental hip-hop is actually one of my favorite types of music to dig into during the winter, so check out tracks from J Dilla and Madlib in the list.

The January playlist ends on a rather positive note with “Ohm” by indie rock greats Yo La Tengo. Throw it on and get out in the snow or stay optimistic for an early spring. Either way, enjoy this month’s JMU Spotify playlist!

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