Tons of JMU students are involved in all types of fitness activities, including jogging with friends, joining sports teams or hitting the gym. When it comes to the gym, thankfully, JMU has a University Recreation Center (UREC) where students have lots of options for keeping up their well-being.

As of now part of UREC is under construction (where there used to be an open field), and soon enough the university will have what my generation (junior & seniors) call  “Double UREC.” The expansion of University Recreation is planned to be completed in December 2015 and open in January 2016. This is exciting news to any incoming freshmen, as well as current sophomores and juniors.

Sadly I won’t be around to participate in this thrilling expansion, however it is not all that bad. Over winter break UREC renewed its equipment in its general fitness areas. This improvement shows that even though UREC is expanding and building new facilities for future students, they’re taking care of current Dukes. Well that’s how I feel about it, at least!

I tried out the new equipment for you all! The upgrade includes the new look, but also helps you to really focus on which muscles to exercise. The result: a motivating and pleasurable workout at the gym! You know how it is – who doesn’t love a new toy?

For more pictures of the renovation, click here. You can find out more details here.


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