Even though JMU is tucked away in the Shenandoah Valley, that doesn’t mean we don’t get our fair share of great live music. Both on campus and off, concerts of all genres take place and are a perfect way to meet new, musically-minded friends.

A perfect chance to get involved in this vibrant music community is an upcoming concert that will be presented by JMU’s own radio station, WXJM. Two unique acts will be taking the stage at Court Square Theater.

The first is the increasingly popular and continually catchy folk singer Juan Wauters. Juan Wauters plays guitar and sings grin-inducing folk tunes that will stick around in your head for days. Wauters’ generally fun atmosphere will also quickly make you wish he was your best friend.

Check out a Juan Wauters song:

Opening the show will be local experimental pop artist Flyying Colors. Flyying Colors are one of my personal favorite Harrisonburg based music projects, so definitely make sure to catch this set. Here’s the tunes: https://flyyingcolors.bandcamp.com/

WXJM will be hosting the concert at Court Square Theater tomorrow, February 17. The theater is located downtown, just by the Court House. Come support this awesome club and get involved with the inspiring music happening around JMU.

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