If you’re like me, you’re terrified of the doctor. So, of course, the last thing I wanted to do, on a Friday morning when it’s below zero outside was go to the health center.  If you haven’t been lately (which hopefully you’ve been healthy and haven’t had to go), the health center has changed a lot! Not only has the building changed, but the services it offers have increased immensely!

11 Things I Learned at the Health Center:

  • The health center now has a dermatologist and a nutritionist. These services are FREE. I know. I didn’t believe it either. Until I went and paid $0 at the checkout desk.
  • Anyone can see the nutritionist and dermatologist. You don’t need a referral from a doctor and the issue doesn’t have to be a major health concern. For example, you could see the nutritionist for advice on just how to eat healthier.
  • You can park at Grace Street for free. Whether you’re a commuter, have a resident pass, or no pass at all, when you call the health center for an appointment they’ll give you a parking code. You can then park on the ground floor of Grace Street parking deck for two hours with no cost to you.
  • JMU has a pharmacy! I got a prescription when I went and they filled it immediately. Surprisingly, it can be cheaper than filling it at your local pharmacy. Currently, the pharmacy only fills prescriptions prescribed by the JMU physicians at the Health Center, Counseling Center and Athletics, but that might change in the future.
  • If you have a question, the pharmacist is so nice and will answer any questions you have about your prescription. Just give him a call or stop by! I did and he was very helpful.
  • An x-ray machine is planning to come to the health center!
  • The health center also carries Plan B for $25 and offers free condoms. In addition, there is a women’s health clinic that offers additional services.
  • What if you’re sick RIGHT NOW and don’t have an appointment? There is a walk-in clinic for students who don’t have appointments.
  • There is an orthopedics and sports medicine clinic offered by Sentara RMH at the Health Center for injuries such as hand injuries, concussions, fractures, foot and ankle injuries, etc. This service is not free so be sure to bring your insurance card.
  • Do you receive allergy shots? There is an allergy clinic that can give you your allergy shots. No need to hike off campus to stay healthy!
  • Finally, the one thing no one wants to catch this year is the flu. If you stop by the pharmacy, you can get a flu prevention kit.

Bottom line: JMU has one of the leading college health centers so take advantage of it! It probably won’t be as scary or expensive as you may think!

For more information about the health center, visit their website.

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