Over the last few weeks, I’m sure you probably have been hearing more and more about UPB. But you may ask, what is UPB?

University Program Board, more commonly known as UPB, is JMU’s organization for entertainment activities on campus. They are responsible for tons of events and activities on campus including bringing some of your favorite artists for the epic fall and spring concerts.

This year, UPB presents Big Sean as the spring Convo show artist coming up this Thursday. If you haven’t bought tickets yet it’s too late, they sold out the first day of sale. In the past, UPB has presented a range of artists from different genres including Macklemore, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Passion Pit just to name a few.

Another huge event coming up soon is Madipalooza, JMU’s own music festival on campus. The UPB sponsored “festival at festival,” is an all-day event featuring live music, free food, inflatables, and raffle games under the warm spring air. This year’s headliner is MisterWives! .

Other events UPB features is:

  • Late Night Breakfast
  • Movies at Grafton (only $3!)
  • Funny Freakin Fridays
  • Comedy Shows
  • Spotlight Series

To learn more about UPB and their events, stop by info.jmu.edu/upb today.

Are you looking forward to the Big Sean concert and Madipalooza? Let us know in the comments!


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