Vineyard at JMU – The CrossKeys

Many might have heard about CrossKeys, others might have visited, but for those who do not know about it, here is a little something to get excited. Cross Keys is a beautiful vineyard that is approximately 9 miles or 14 minutes away from JMU main campus.
Overview of the vineyard

The vineyard produces a wide array of award winning wines which are locally grown and generated at the estate. Beside the estate producing/storing the wine, being at CrossKeys is considered to be a relaxing day trip or maybe a romantic date.

My first visit to CrossKeys was a couple of months after I turned 21. Just to clarify, you can still visit and enjoy CrossKeys vineyard if you are underage, however do not be disappointed if they will not serve you wine. Yes, CrossKeys was the place where I had my first “adult” wine tasting. Wine tasting is done throughout the day, however it is a good idea to check out the website for the hours. My biggest confusion was during my first time, I did not know what the average price or what type of wines they had, but you now conveniently can find out about prices and wines on their official website. I believe that wine tasting is a road of experience, if you’re into that kind of thing. (I want to include disclaimer that I am not encouraging anyone to participate/encourage a certain behavior). Understood.

The tasting room is located inside the villa and the entrance is easy to find. Usually, during the wine tasting the staff gives out the general list of wines with their descriptions. This is done for you to rate or take notes about the taste of the wine and maybe to purchase a bottle after. One of two popular choices at the CrossKeys are Joy White and Joy Red, which run about $15.75/bottle. These may be a perfect start if you are not sure about doing the wine tasting and leaning towards hanging outside.

Having been a couple times to CrossKeys, I always enjoyed my time, regardless of what I did there. You may want to come back to CrossKeys to have a wine tasting again, but I was content with sharing a bottle of wine with my friend with a side of “cheese flight.” I honestly did not expect for something as this to cost only $17. Splitting a bottle and a snack halfway is my perfect idea of a relaxing day. Where do you venture in the Shenandoah Valley for a relaxing day? Tell us in the comments!

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