JMU is an institution that never stops evolving for the better. Long before The Madison Plan was created, JMU has promised to create and supply the best facilities, living arrangements and technologies for students to learn and grow to their fullest extent. They have seen these aspirations through and continue doing so, most recently with the announcement of the construction of a brand-new convocation center.

Aerial Site from U. Blvd.
JMU Sports

This new convocation center will be located across the street from E-Hall. It will have a seating capacity of 8,500. Included in that 8,500 are 600 club seats, 10 private suites, courtside seats for donors and possible lower bowl seating for the most spirited of students. Come get pumped for the game in the student club area, which will have special amenities during pre-game and half-time. Above the court, a videoboard and 360-degree ribbon board.

Court View
JMU Marketing

The basketball players will definitely win with the new building. Athletes are getting training and workout facilities, locker rooms and their very own practice gym. It should also be noted that this new convocation center is not just for sports – it will be the events center for graduations and other student gatherings. This new center will also bring in sports fans from all across the Shenandoah Valley and attract future students.

Construction shall begin once the private support goal is met. Want to keep up with the progress? Visit Call the Duke Club at 540-568-6461 if you want to give or get involved.

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