A little bit about the venue: Spruce Knob is West Virginia’s highest peak at 4,863 feet above sea level and only two hours away from Harrisonburg. The alpine peak offers a view of open meadows and forested ridges, the infinite scenery. Spruce Knob Observation Tower is the big focus of the recreation park, providing a 360 degree view. A stone and steel tower is not far from the picnic tables, grills and vehicle parking providing comfort to visitors.

Capture   Being at JMU you will meet people who enjoy the outdoors, if you are one of the “outdoorian” and want to have partners in crime you might as well join JMU Outdoor Adventure Club. My friend is really involved in outdoor hiking; last week he asked if I would like to join in on stargazing at Spruce Knob, which is a two hour drive. Reddish Knob or High Knob are other popular mountains for students to visit, about 50 minutes and 30 minutes drive from Harrisonburg, respectively. The recreation park does not have a restriction when visitors are allowed to come in or leave, therefore it was easy for us to come in late afternoon, set up a tent and walk to observation tower for some sparking stars. After an hour of stargazing and good talks, it was time to head back to camping grounds. Our evening dinner consisted of s’mores, baked potatoes and some apple cider. [yum!] On that note, if you have leftover food, it is best to lock it up in the car, or hang it from the tree branch to avoid wild animals having a bite. The night ended with everyone going back to the tent and snuggling in the sleeping bag.

In the morning we went for a small hike nearby the observation tower and the scenery was beyond describing in words! Even the pictures are not giving it a full credit, I guess you just need to see it for yourself.


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