In this week’s edition, we bring you the hottest thing on the Internet since sliced bread. In the past couple of days, JMU acapella group Note-oriety’s cover of “Pretty Hurts”, directed by JMU alumnae David Bittner, has quickly taken the Internet by storm and hasn’t looked back since.

From trending on Buzzfeed, to almost 300,000 views on Youtube, and now on the front page of Huffington Post College, this instant fame took Bittner and Note-oriety by surprise. Not only does this video show off this group’s enormous vocal talent, but it also spreads a powerful message about female empowerment.

Zoey Velling, one of the singers in the video, says the group is extremely grateful for their new notoriety, but their biggest reward is the positive messages they are spreading.  Check out the video below:

To catch more Note-oriety videos, follow their Youtube channel here.

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