Where were you last Thursday night? I, along with several other JMU students, went to UPB’s first-ever Lip Sync Battle in TDU! It was hosted by Shaun Nerney of Exit 245 fame and was a hilariously entertaining event to say the least. We got to hear some classic jams such as Promiscuous Girl, Lip Gloss, and Cheetah Girls- all performed by other students (arguably better than the original artists). UPB was kind enough to let me snap some pictures of the battle, so please feel free to look through the collage below and share it with your friends (especially those who performed!!!).

All photos can be found on Flickr for the highest resolution. 

Also, I was able to interview UPB’s Special Events Directior, Shirali Shah, about the Lip Sync Battle!

Is this the first year UPB has hosted a lip sync battle?

Yes, this is the first year we will be hosting Lip Sync Battle. The Special Events Committee is the only committee in UPB that comes up with new random events every month. Last spring, my committee and I started to brainstorm for our September events. We had a huge list of ideas, probably over at least 25 ideas and slowly narrowed that down. Since Lip Sync Battles are such a big thing, my committee voted to host this event! All of our ideas come from our committee members, other UPB members, and even the student body when we get responses back!

How was Shaun Nerney selected as host/how were the judges selected?

Shaun Nerney was selected as a host because our Communication Chair, Casey Ryan, is friends with him and she knew he would be a good pick. We talked about it with the committee and we thought having someone from Exit 245 who knows music, would make it more fun! Shaun also worked this summer doing work similar to what we are asking him for, so it worked out so perfectly for us! We are so excited to be partnering with him!

What is your role in UPB and how does that relate to this event specifically?

My role is the Director of Special Events. As the director, I lead the Special Events Committee. Basically, I help the committee put on the events that they want. My chairs and I come up with things that need to be done (as well as committee members who think about things we have not) and delegate them to other members. My committee is the one that puts on the event and does all of the hard work for the event, I am just the go to person to help answer questions and make sure things get done. 

What other events will UPB be putting on in the future that students can attend and/or participate in?

UPB has events almost every week! Special Events Committee is bringing Chris Distefano, a comedian on MTV’s GirlCode and GuyCode on October 9th! The Spirits and Traditions committee has their monthly free comedy show, Funny Freakin’ Friday on October 2nd where students get a chance to win Chris Distefano meet and greets if they come early! We also have our spotlight series which brings smaller bands at TDU for a coffee shop feel concert. 

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