JM(I’m stressed out by)U. Classes are in full swing, midterms have come and gone, group projects are proving to be as difficult as always, sleep has to be scheduled in, and no breaks are in sight. In other words, school is stressful. What many Dukes don’t know is that there are two excellent facilities on campus whose entire purpose is to de-stress students and allow them to have a space to relax and take a break from the incredibly busy life we are blessed to be living.

JMU Counseling Center

If you go to the third floor of the Student Success Center, you will easily find the Counseling Center which has a ton of excellent resources for students, staff and faculty. The Studio and The Oasis can be found within this office.

The Studio, open Monday – Friday from 11 am – 3 pm, is an expressive arts room where students, staff, and faculty can reduce their stress by getting creative. This space is equipped with every arts supply you can think of, all for free I might add. There are paints, canvases, fabrics, clay, masks, mandalas, and the list goes on and on. If you find that you are more at ease by completing hands-on activities in a social environment, The Studio is the perfect place for you.

The Oasis, open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, is centered on relaxation. This is a (mostly) quiet space where students, staff, and faculty can explore new ways to limit their stress, such as practicing yoga or meditation, listening to the fountain, or lounging in one of the two massage chairs.

In order to use The Studio or The Oasis, you must present your JACard to the front desk, sign in, and watch a short orientation video. The main rule in each of these spaces is to be respectful to those around you, however food and drink are also not permitted, and The Oasis has a 2 hour time limit (the massage chairs have separate 30 minute time limits).

There are a lot of reasons to be stressed, but as you can see from this article, there are just as many ways to find your center and be sure to win. Keep on keeping on, dukes, but do so as stressless as possible!

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