With the pending holiday sneakingly creeping up on us, we have to prepare our bellies for the night’s festivites. John Bennet, Jordan Harris, and I found some great deals from a few of our favorite places to save you a little money this Halloween weekend.


Image via chipolte.com/boorito

Chipotle is back with its annual “BOO-RITO” costume promotion. Wear a costume, get a burrito, bowl, taco, or salad for only $3! The catch is that your costume must feature something un-necessary (odd, strange, weird) to give your outfit that extra edge. This promotion lasts until 5pm Halloween day.

Food Bar Food

Image via Instagram @foodbarfood
Image via Instagram @foodbarfood

Food Bar Food has happy hour Tuesday- Saturday from 4pm to 6pm. There are some half priced food items and discounted small plates. For drinks, it is $5 off cocktails, $1 off glasses of wine, $4 off a bottle of wine, and $1 off of draft beers.

Pure Eats

Image via Instagram @pureeatshburg
Image via Instagram @pureeatshburg

Pure Eats’s happy hour is everyday from 3pm to 6pm. Their menu features draft beers for $3.50 instead of $5 normally.

Clementine Cafe

Image via Instagram @whatsivyeating
Image via Instagram @whatsivyeating

Clementine Cafe has happy hours Monday-Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Their menu features $5 appetizers, $2 off wine, draft beer, cocktails, and rail drinks

Billy Jack’s

Image via packedsuitcase.com
Image via packedsuitcase.com

Come into Billy Jacks Monday-Friday to pick up some half-priced oysters, $2 slider on Tuesdays, and $3 sticky nugs on Thursday’s from 5pm to 7pm. Also, there is a promotion for $1 off draft beer from 3pm to 7pm.

Jack Browns

Image via tripadvisor.com (francissteez, Sep 2014)
Image via tripadvisor.com (francissteez, Sep. 2014)

Aww Jack Browns! From 4pm to 7pm come on down Monday- Friday for $1 off draft and domestic beers, or $1 off any $4.50 beer on Mondays.

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