The other week I had the pleasure of taking class photos of the JMU Nursing Class of May 2016. As you can see in the photos below this group of people were a blast to work and talk with and I highly encourage anyone who is interested to join the family that is JMU Nursing.

“I feel the JMU Nursing Program has really prepared me for the real world.” – Becca S.

“We have really grown to be a family throughout the years.” – Emily L.

“When we apply for jobs and to hospitals they know we have a good education behind us through past graduates.” – Becca R.

“Professor Argenbright has inspired me to be as compassionate of a nurse just like her.” – Crystal J.

“Lots of poop.” – Mackenzie B.

The JMU Nursing Program has gone through many changes and updates these past four years. Senior Crystal Jones mentioned that the program has started to use iPads more and more throughout the years along with brand new SimCharts, an electronic charting program, and Sim-Man, a robotic patient that can respond with alterations of heart rate and breath sounds for the students to practice various simulations in a safe setting. 

Another BIG update for the nursing program is their brand new building coming in the Fall of 2016! Yup, that is the building that is currently being built next to the Health Center where Montpelier Hall used to be. The building will officially be used for the College of Health and Behavioral Studies Program. To learn more about the building’s progress go to:

To learn more about the Nursing Program check out this video:


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