School is stressful, we all know it and feel it. But there is a bright side, the semester is almost over! That one class you dread going to every Tuesday and Thursday is almost over. The 20 page paper you have to write is almost over, and walking through that one building that you always seem to get lost in, is almost over. Until that time comes, here are five tips to help you survive the last weeks of school.

1.Don’t wait until the morning before a final to start studying.


Cramming will not help you retain any information, because you’ll forget it in a heartbeat. Try to start studying two days ahead so at least you’ll have some background for all the new information.

2. Get some sleep.


You have a project to finish, a paper to write, and a test to study for but running on only 2 hours of sleep will not help accomplish anything but being tired. Try to get some rest so you’ll be better equipped to tackle the tasks before you.

3. Don’t live off caffeine.

Coffee giphy

Sleep deprivation usually leads to caffeine overload. Not a good idea! At some point during the day you will crash so limit your caffeine intake to one cup of coffee, not six.

4. Shower daily.

stinky giphy

This may sound like common sense, but sometimes when you’re too busy it seems like there’s no time to shower. Make some time. Not only will it be beneficial to your peers around you, but it will also help get your mind right and feel refreshed. I repeat, do not forget to shower.

5. Stay positive.

positive giphy

With all the stress and pressure, it is easy to feel down and negative. Keep things around that you enjoy. If you need to take a break to do something you love, do it. It will make you feel better and lead to a more positive outcome.

We can do this, Dukes. Keep your head up and keep pushing on! Countdown to winter break begins now!

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