What is D.E.E.P. Impact??


The Diversity Education Empowerment Program is sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Student Services and was established last year to heighten awareness, increase knowledge and celebrate the value of diversity in all forms. 

A few weeks ago I was able to attend one of their events called the Diversity Dialogue Series: Recognizing Injustice: Internalization and Impact. 

This event focused on internalized oppression. This occurs when a member of an oppressed group believes and acts out the stereotypes created about their group, and how it impacts us and everyone around us. I was able to learn about stereotypes and how they can lead to discrimination, prejudice and oppression, and finally into internalized oppression. This is a serious issue in this world that needs to be recognized and resolved and that is exactly what these students are doing. It is truly inspiring! 

Here are some pictures from the event and of these passionate group of students making a difference in diversity on the campus of JMU.

Make sure to attend their next event Friday, Dec. 11th for a discussion on the importance of diversity and the JMU community.

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