Need a tacky sweater for a holiday party in a pinch? want to show your JMU pride while you’re at it? well you came to the right place! Keep scrolling to find out how we made it!

sweater 1
First, gather your materials. I mostly used what I had, but purchased the purple sweater from a thrift store
sweater 2
Next you want to cut out your shapes. Two eyes, a nose, some jowls, a head and a muzzle complete Duke Dog’s face!
sweater 3
Glue all the parts of his face together with fabric glue
sweater 4
Because I didn’t have black felt, I just painted his nose. I also added little black dots to his eyes.
sweater 6
Cut out two more shapes for his body and legs.
sweater 7
Now you can glue his head to body. I also aded a piece of white to his mouth, and made a santa hat out of white felt that i painted.
sweater 5
Next cut out a tree like shape. If you have green felt you can use that, but I didn’t so I just painted it green.
sweater 8
i added ornaments by making dots with the end of a paintbrush!
sweater 9
Now you can glue down Duke Dog and his tree!
sweater 10
Add extras, like stars and glitter to complete your sweater! The hard part is finding someone to model it!


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