Friday, December 18, 2015. A date I have been counting down to since classes began on August 31. After 110 days; 2,640 hours; or 158,400 minutes, we will finally be on winter break! Because we have spent approximately 30.14% of 2015 in this fall semester, it’s time to treat.yo.self. with lots of relaxation and no commitments. Here’s my top 5 list of things I recommend doing over break!

1. Catch up on every show you neglected during the semester.

We all have that show we’re basically a cast member of – we know everyone’s life story, every pivotal plot point, and every break up and make up. We’re ultimately at JMU to learn, though, so there’s a high chance you haven’t been as invested in your show as you were during the blissful summer months. I recommend spending a minimum of 8 hours a day binge watching Netflix. It’s always good to push your limits, though, so maybe shoot for 10.

netflix gif

2. Catch up on every hour of sleep you missed during the semester.

Finals are over. You (hopefully) don’t have any pre-assignments for the spring semester. For the first time in what feels like years, your number one priority can be to sleep and not feel guilty about it! It may be impossible to fully catch up considering we have been sleep deprived since approximately the third grade, but please try to fix your sleeping schedule as much as possible over break! I suggest accidentally leaving your alarm clock at JMU that way you can avoid as many responsibilities as possible.

sleep gif

3. Make your taste buds happy.

JMU has so many great dining options, but after 110 days of alternating between Dukes and Hot Pockets, I am SO ready for another home cooked meal after the divine feast I had over Thanksgiving break. I may even fast a little so I can shove as much fresh food into my face as possible immediately when I walk through my front door. With my luck, my parents will have put off grocery shopping and I’ll be stuck with Ritz Crackers.

eating gif

4. Reconnect with high school friends.

TBT to when you were in high school for four years- don’t neglect all of those friendships just because you aren’t constantly surrounded by those people anymore! Try to see as many of your friends from high school as possible. I love going to the same restaurant I went to all the time in high school with my friends and reflecting on old times but also sharing all the new things that have happened since the last time we had the chance to talk. Some may even pretend it’s their birthday so they get a free dessert for the table… of course I don’t condone that, though.

friends gif

5. Spend time with your family.

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do over break. I personally haven’t been home this semester, so as much as I want to be a recluse the entire break, I will be hanging out with my family as much as possible. Now that we’re basically real life adults, it’s really easy to prioritize other things over family time, but a simple movie night will mean more to your family than you or I could ever understand. Just check IMDB first to make sure there’s no uncomfortable scenes you’ll have to suffer through with your parents… we aren’t that mature yet.

family gif

Have a great and safe break, Dukes!

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