JMiloveU 2


There are so many good things about JMU it is hard to choose just 15! I knew I wanted to go to JMU the second I saw it in person. I don’t know what it was that really made me want to come here but these are just some things I have fallen in love with during my time here at JMU.

15. The campus is gorgeous and is featured on numerous top tens for most beautiful campuses.

14. Grafton Hall features $3 movies like ‘Steve Jobs,’ ‘The Intern’ and many other big title movies.

13. The quad cats always brighten your day when walking on Main Campus.

12. The “Potty Mouth” news flyer in the bathroom stalls, so you never get bored when doing your business.

11. DogPound is always available for those late night munchies.

10. NewREC aka the new addition to UREC is amazing if you have not checked it out yet. If you want to check out a cool video about NewREC, here is the link:ย http:/

9. The professors here really make it a point to teach and help out each individual student with anything.

8. Greek Life is pretty big here, and not just social but academic and service geared fraternities and sororities are everywhere and always looking for new members.

7. The weekends are always fun, and there is always something to do either on or off campus.

6. Students get access to some of the newest technology such as 3D printing, SimMan, a simulator patient for the medical fields, and much more.

5. JMU students are notorious for always holding the door open for anyone any chance we get, and we pride ourselves on it.

4. Massanutten Resort is but a 15 minute drive away for all those snowboarders and skiers out there.

3. Throwing streamers at a football game. This is by far one of the coolest traditions here at JMU.

2. The surrounding mountains with just about unlimited hiking trails to choose from.

1. FOOD! The city of Harrisonburg is known for their delicious and diverse restaurants such as Jack Brown’s, Clementine, The Little Grill and many more! Even on campus, JMU has been named one of the top dining schools in the U.S.


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