An image of students inside Festival, with the words "Student Org Night and Late Night Breakfast" on top.

When is Student Org. Night?

On Thursday, Jan. 21 the biannual Student Org. Night will take place in Festival from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Over 250 clubs will be in attendance to make their pitch. Similar to last semester, clubs will be split into different categories (Academics, Advocacy, Campus Partners, Community Partners, Diversity, Greek Letter Organizations, Leadership, Music, Professional Development, Recreation, Religion/Spirituality, Service-Oriented, and Special Interest).

Why get involved?

It may seem like it’s not worth trying to get involved during the Spring semester, but joining a club (even halfway through the year) can be a great experience! Whether you’re a first year, transfer, or just looking for something new to do, walk through Festival on Thursday and see all JMU has to offer. Afterwards, you can head over to E-Hall for Late Night Breakfast!

What if I can’t go to Student Org. Night?

If you can’t make it to Student Org. Night, don’t worry! You can still get involved in clubs by going to the BeInvolved website.  Every JMU organization has a page on BeInvolved, where you can browse their upcoming events, view their rosters, and contact someone about joining.

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