Our time with D-hall is coming to a halt. By Fall 2016, hungry JMU students will no longer flock to the circular building when the clock strikes 11 for lunch, or when the grills are fired up for the evening meal. Next year, all that will be left of D-Hall is an amazing legacy. Our memories on this sacred ground will turn into folk tales.

However, it’s not yet time for sadness — the light inside D-Hall will remain glistening for a couple more months. So let’s enjoy it while we still can. Here are a few D-hall qualities that won’t be forgotten…

1. The 9:30Am Morning Pep Talk

Freshman year, a friend and I would make our way to D-Hall every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to eat breakfast and to eavesdrop on the Morning Pep Talk.  After a few times, making our way to D-Hall for breakfast no longer was about actually eating breakfast–we went for inspiration.  I realized there is no better way to start your day than to hear a motivational speech about how to prep and cook the glorious D-hall mashed potatoes.  My best GPA came from that semester, and looking back, I now know why.

2. The Staff

D-Hall is run by the nicest, sweetest people at JMU. From Donna’s warm hello’s at the Chick-Fil-A entrance as she swipes your JACard, to Flo’s amazing panini-making skills (she puts just as much love into your sandwich as she did for the guy in front of you)… I will miss all of it. I will definitely miss seeing these great people in the classic D-hall setting.

3.  Buffalo Mash (A.K.A. Buff Mash or B-Mash)

I do not know who came up with you or where you came from, but aside from College GameDay, you’re the only thing to cause absolute chaos on campus. I wish this wasn’t the end, my friend.

Photo courtesy of JMU Dining Services


4.  The Creativity

Going off the idea of Buff Mash, I’m going to miss all the interesting concoctions D-Hall has been known to whip up. I’ve witnessed D-Hall make some extremely bold choices in the past.  All those original, kind-of-weird-but-kind-of-good quesadillas, strombolis, and pizzas. Last Thursday night, D-Hall offered a Southwest Ham Breakfast Pizza, consisting of scrambled eggs, ham, salsa and cheddar cheese. Breakfast, dinner and pizza all wrapped up into one — you can’t knock the hustle.

5.  The Artwork

This picture speaks for itself.


There are about half a dozen more photos like this around D-Hall, and I want every single one.  It’s still uncertain what JMU plans to do with these, but I hope I walk by at the right moment to give each of these pieces of artwork a forever home.


So enjoy these last months with the classic D-hall, folks. A part of me will be lost as those sacred bricks tumble to the ground, but I have faith that an amazing, new D-hall phoenix will rise from the ashes of our old friend.

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