Did you know JMU has a radio station? If you’ve ever flipped through Harrisonburg’s stations and stopped on 88.7, then you’ve already heard!

WXJM was founded in 1990. Before it became a station, students would play music through the PA system in campus dining halls. These “dining hall DJs” pushed for a student-run radio station and eventually began WXJM.

12322864_10207102249025984_3317097103067467187_o (1)
Image via WXJM-FM on Facebook

The station is located just off campus on Reservoir  Street, and features more than 50 shows, ranging from talk shows about sports or feminism to music hours in genres such as college alternative and loud rock. For the full show schedule, check the website here. There is never silence in the broadcast. And if you ever hear bluegrass, it only means no one is at the station.

WXJM also supports local music in Harrisonburg and is a major part of MACRoCk, the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference. MACRoCk is an annual music festival in Harrisonburg that has brought hundreds of bands to town.  For info about MACRoCk, visit their website here.

Image via Instagram @wxjm.harrisonburg.88.7
Image via Instagram @wxjm.harrisonburg.88.7

So, if you ever need something to listen to but you are tired of all the music you have, tune in to WXJM 88.7 for some new tunes and friendly voices! You can listen live online by going to the livestream link here!

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