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On Saturday, February 27th, JMU held it’s third annual Women in Leadership Conference. What I thought was just going to be another networking event for soon-to-be graduates turned into a celebration of women leaders.

Former JMU alum and current line producer for Bloomberg Television, Allison Browne Weiss (’98), was the keynote speaker. She is someone with a lot of experience in the work force, but she didn’t make you feel inferior to her. She touched on organic ways to maximize relationships and connections in our careers. Allison gave tips and ideas that made you want to get out and make these connections immediately.

Throughout the day, we heard from other JMU alumni who are currently working in many different fields and the main points that stuck with me from the day were:

  1. Be tenacious- It’s okay if you don’t get the job or internship you are searching for right away, but don’t give up.
  2. Be genuine- This involves being a good listener, leader and co-worker.
  3. Make connections- Not just on LinkedIn, but real, honest connections with mentors or people who work in your desired field. These connections will put you on their radar when applying for jobs in that field.


Senior Media Arts and Design major, Morgan Doss, said, “It was really interesting to hear the personal experiences these women have had with leadership throughout their lives and careers. They gave me great things to think about as I start the journey to my future career.”

This event was a day of empowerment, transitioning and a way to express gratitude for our alumni and women in leadership positions. Keep an eye out for next year’s conference! It was a truly memorable experience.

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