Undergrad, oh what a time to be alive! A time to make lifelong friends, create lasting memories, and relish in the thought of graduation far far away. But it is also the perfect time to get involved. Now is the time to network, build, and grow your circle for the future… and who better to fill it than thousands of JMU Alumni!

Enter The Student Alumni Association.

Image via Facebook @ JMU Student Alumni Association

The SAA is an organization dedicated to connecting current students with JMU alumni. They host networking events like “Dinner with 12 Strangers”, career development conferences, and don’t get me started on their campus programs.

Image via Facebook @ JMU Student Alumni Association
Image via Facebook @ JMU Student Alumni Association

Pep Rally Pump Up, Pep My Ride, and Go MAD for Madison are all products of the SAA, including those upside down “Fight Song” t-shirts we all learned the song lyrics from.


I asked Meredith Parker, a current member, why she joined SAA and how it has made an impact in her time at JMU.

Why did you join Student Alumni Association?

“I joined the Student Alumni Association through my role as the Student Body Vice President. SAA is a pillar in the university’s advancement of traditions and spirit, in my role as VP it is pertinent to work with this organization. Being a member of the board has allowed me to be a liaison between SGA and SAA, allowing for better communication and the overall advancement of events for both organizations.”

How has your undergraduate experience improved since joining?

“My undergraduate experience has improved significantly because of my involvement with SAA. I have had the opportunity to network with the University Alumni Board Members and countless other alumni. I have also been given the opportunity to work closely with the Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of Annual Giving. These relationships have allowed me to grow in my understanding of how different offices operate to advance this university, while also aiding in my professional development growth.”

Why should current students get involved?

“Current students should get involved if they want to learn about why being the engaged student means giving back to the university we call home, if they want to be a part of igniting and continuing the spirit of Madison and if they want to be a part of planning major university traditions!”


There you have it Dukes! Become apart of an organization that lets you create your unique Madison Experience. If you want to meet inspiring JMU alums, gain marketable skills, and enhance your knowledge, join the SAA!

To learn more about membership, leadership opportunities, and events check out their website here and like their page on Facebook for daily updates and more cool features.

Remember, you’re an undergraduate for four years, and an alum for life!

Image via Facebook @ JMU Student Alumni Association
Image via Facebook @ JMU Student Alumni Association

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