On a daily basis, JMU students have a tendency to wave-off the automatic emails from the university. Do I get annoyed when I open my inbox and seeing [JMU Informational Email]? Sometimes. Do I read those emails? Not always.

Does the name Kathy White from Packsaddle Ridge Golf Club ring a bell?

Before you disregard this article just like you possibly do with those emails, hear me out.

You may think Packsaddle is just your typical golf course in need of business, which is why you get so many promotional emails from them. I wanted to know more about this place, so I arranged an interview with Kathy White. This is what I found…

Pack Saddle is a premiere public golf club about 10 miles outside of campus in Keezletown, Virginia. Tucked deep inside the heart of Virginia, the course gives you unique views of the Shenandoah, Appalachian, Blue Ridge, and Massanutten mountain ranges.


Aside from the course’s natural beauty, Packsaddle offers the best deal to JMU compared to any other course in the area.

-$25 to ride 18 holes on Fridays

-2 play for $75 on weekends

-$30 to ride 18 holes with hotdog at the turn on Tuesdays

-5 rounds for $150

Packsaddle has JMU Students best interest at heart. To make the style of play more enjoyable for students, they recently invested $50,000 into the course to make it easier. Do not let this fool you though, as Golf Digest rated the course 4.5 stars.

Packsaddle also allows the Club Golf team to practice on their grounds for free, who plays on the course 2-3 times a week. On top of that, Packsaddle allows JMU organizations to rent our their 5000 sq. ft. ballroom for special events. If you are in need of a venue for your organization’s formal, Packsaddle is a fantastic and affordable option.


After my visit to Packsaddle, I now find the promotional emails completely justified. They have seen a 300% increase from the time they started the email marketing campaign. So from a business standpoint, the profit from the emails far surpasses any negative backlash they may have gotten due to them.

And to clear up any confusion, let it be known that Kathy White is indeed a real person. Aside from popular (or unpopular) belief, she is not just a lady behind a computer whose main goal is to annoy JMU students with her emails. She is an extraordinarily sweet lady who has just as much passion for JMU as she does for Packsaddle, so do not send her any more hate mail. If you feel the need to get your anger out about an email, send them to me and I will gladly follow up with you. As the emails say, you can remove yourself from the email list by simply sending a response asking to do so.

Something else that no one is aware of is that Mr. Bruce Forbes owns Packsaddle. Mr. Forbes is an esteemed alumni and beneficiary to JMU. Mr. Forbes has not limited his generous donations to solely JMU, either. In the past couple of years, Packsaddle has donated over $30,000 to charity.

In the end, Packsaddle shares a deep connection with JMU. Now that you are more informed, I encourage you to appreciate all that Packsaddle has done for our school.


Packsaddle Ridge Golf Center is located at 3067 Packsaddle Tr.
Keezletown, VA 22832. Visit their website at http://packsaddle.net/ for more information.


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