Harrisonburg native. Paralympic skier. Motivational speaker. Author. Mentor. Cancer survivor. Amputee…

Meet Josh Sundquist, keynote speaker at this year’s Disability Awareness week.

Image via http://joshsundquist.com/bio.html
Image via joshsundquist.com/bio.html

“We should hang out some time” isn’t only the title of Josh’s second book, but also a phrase that defines his life. Not a yes/no question or either/or question, but a statement undefined within the limits of a concrete path.

As a Harrisonburg native, Josh leaned on support from the community to reach his dream of becoming a Paralympic skier. At age nine, after the diagnosis of bone cancer, his left leg was amputated. After six years of training, he was chosen to compete in the 2006 Paralympics, joining the US Paralympic Ski Team.

Recently Josh has become a social media icon curating over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has been featured on NBC and ESPN, and has also built up a following of fans waiting each year to see his fantastic Halloween costumes.

Image via http://joshsundquist.com/photos_halloween_2014.html
Image via http://joshsundquist.com/photos_halloween_2014.html

During his keynote speech, Josh dazzled the audience with stories of his relationship fails, comedic teenage trials, and how his condition has created the man he is today. He continues to discuss the topic of disability stating “my disability is not who I am” and lives by the motto “One more thing, One more time.”

Josh Sundquist- Dear World


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