Macrock XIX is this weekend! (April 1st & 2nd)

Art by Kelly Miller, via

Do you know what Macrock is? Macrock stands for Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference. It was founded in 1996 as an arm of WXJM, the JMU college radio station (see previous WXJM article here). Macrock features bands from all over the country performing at venues all around Downtown Harrisonburg. They also host a series of panels on topics such as DIY music gear, People of Color in music, and DIY Screenprinting.

Screenshot 2016-03-31 11.40.13.png
photo via @macrock_instagram

Some of the bands featured this year include, Hemlines, Buck Gooter, Lady Taij,Plattenbau, and Shana Falana. In the past Macrock has hosted bands such as Animal Collective, Best Coast, Dashboard Confessional, Fugazi, Ex Hex, The Wrens, and more! For the full list of Macrock bands visit the Macrock website here.


There is also an expo where people and labels sell records, zines, shirts, patches and more! Some of the groups participating in the expo are Kappa Pi, Crystal Pistol Records, Elbow room and WXJM.

Expo at The Golden Pony, Image via Macrock’s facebook

Tickets for Friday and Saturday (as well as 2 day passes) are on sale now through the Macrock website, but you can also buy them at the event. See you there!

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