At JMU, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world all while earning class credit—and summer is a prime time to do it! The Office of International Programs (OIP) offers 5 full semester, and 62 short-term programs in the summer alone!

JMU offers extraordinary opportunities; it’s just up to up to you to go out and grab it. Here’s what several students had to say about their Spring Semester in Antwerp, Belgium, studying business.

“Experience as many different cultures as you possibly can. You never know what lies ahead of you. For example, I wasn’t expecting Budapest to amount to anything and it turned out to be my favorite place. Keep an open mind about everything and accept the cultures of the different people.” -Harrison Mcvey ’1712694913_10153900962612486_7373735747251442613_o


“Travel as much as your wallet and classes allow you to take full advantage of your time abroad. I’d recommend using “Skyskanner” for cheap flights and AirBNB for places to stay.” -Ryan Nelligan ’1711012383_1463406430627474_9129660874784422728_n


“With every new country you go to, always take in as much as you can. Every place has a unique story and different sites that make it special. Most importantly, take as many pictures as you can. Those are what will stay with you for years to come.” -Will Cumberland ’17


“Ac12694544_10153907784767486_5811691403223043410_ot now, think later. I was accepted into the Antwerp business program 2 weeks before we took off for Belgium. I only had a brief synopsis of what Europe would be like, but decided to pull the trigger and go because I knew it would be an experience of a lifetime. Now that I am back, I fully support my decision to go because it changed the way I look at the outside world. The culture, the smells, the tastes–it was all different. But it gave me an appreciation for how people live their lives on the other side of the globe; an appreciation I will never forget. Embrace the culture, and soak up everything while the trip lasts, because once your on the other side, there is no going back.” -Lars Blomdahl ’17

As I look forward to studying in Dublin, Ireland this summer, I strongly encourage you to apply for a program that fits your major. Check out all the different opportunities on OIP’s website here.

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