This past Friday, the Office of Student Activities and Involvement held this semester’s Student Org Night. Student Org Night is a wonderful event that provides students with information about the different clubs and organizations that JMU offers. There were over 300 organizations in attendance!


Student Org Night took place on the UREC upper turf. The clubs were organized by categories such as recreation, greek life, professional, religious, and more.

Students who attended had the opportunity to speak with members of different organizations and get their questions answered, as well as sign up for more information.


However, even if you missed Student Org Night, you can still get involved!

Just go to! It has a directory of all of JMU’s 385 organizations. You can filter the directory by different categories such as Multicultural/International, Spirit and Tradition, Music, Fundraising, and many, many more.

Each organization’s Be Involved page has a brief description of the organization and a primary contact email. Some clubs will also have links to their own website or social media pages, events listed, or documents posted, such as the organization’s constitution.

Other organizations may provide information about meeting times and locations on their “about” page. Even if the club does not have information about when they meet on their page, you can still join! Don’t be shy–email the primary contact for more information about joining the club. I promise you won’t regret it  🙂

Last week, Sam talked about the how important and rewarding it is to be involved on campus and I cannot agree more. Before I was even a student at JMU, I had gone on the Be Involved website in search of an event planning club. Since then (back when I was a hospitality major) I have joined, and dropped, organizations that focused on event planning. I’m now involved in JMU’s Advertising Club and Student Ambassadors.

IMG_3535The point is–you don’t have to feel stuck in an organization just because you joined it. Experiment with many different types of organizations to see what is the best fit for you! Interests, majors, and priorities change throughout college. It’s okay to change clubs too!

No matter what year you are, whether you’re a freshman, transfer student, or even a senior–don’t hesitate to get involved. Go to and spend some time browsing. You’d be surprised with how many people share the same passion as you–that you thought no one else even knew about!

Got a busy semester and not ready to commit? Student Org Night is held in both the fall and spring semesters, so you can attend next January to learn more about what organization is right for you.

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