With formal sorority recruitment coming up this weekend, it was only necessary to post about the six long days down Greek Row. Recruitment consists of multiple rounds where PNM’s (potential new members) go through each of the thirteen sorority houses on the row and get the opportunity to meet girls in each chapter, hoping to make real connections and find which house fits them best. As a senior member of Greek Life, I wanted to give my best advice for getting through recruitment and making it the best weekend possible. So here are my tips:

go greek

  • Get plenty of sleep:

The rounds get long, especially Saturday which is all day. Nothing is worse than getting up to the last few rounds and not being able to keep your eyes open. By the end of the day, you will be running to your pillow anyway.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

Trust me on this one. The first two days are spent standing. As much as you would love to strut up the row in your brand new wedges, your feet will seriously be crying by the second house. Stick with what you know will be comfortable for long sessions on your feet.

  • Make plenty of connections11080247_10153117617421007_6521426663905325681_n

“Wow you’re from New Jersey? My mom’s cousin’s hairdresser is from there!” Who cares if the connection is far-fetched? These small links are great ways to start a meaningful conversation with the sisters and help you stand out.

  • Come in with an open mind

Recruitment is what you make it. If you go in with a specific house on your mind, there is a high chance you will overlook some other great sororities if you disregard all of the rest. Forget about those rumors you heard and make opinions on each sorority on your own. You never know where you will truly feel home.

  • Be Yourself!

This is 100% my biggest piece of advice. It’s a cliché but a sorority isn’t just for four years, the girls you will meet will possibly your best friends throughout your life. You can’t fake your way through and then realize hallway through spring semester that you are nothing like these girls. Be yourself and see where you fit in most!

My experience as a freshman during formal recruitment was nothing short of incredible. The whole weekend was like nothing I’ve ever done before. You will learn so much about not only each sorority, but also yourself by the end of it. Be patient, meet some awesome girls, and I truly hope that you find your home–like I did.

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