Interested in more places to grab a bite to eat and use up that flex money? Here’s a list of off-campus flex vendors that I think you should check out:

First up, the crowd favorite…Chipotle


With only two major ordering decisions it’s pretty much a 50/50 on which way to go, but what I is suggest is the burrito bowl.

How to save: Getting a burrito bowl is like getting the best of both worlds because like many people have caught onto, you can get a tortilla on the side for free. Eat half your bowl and then put the rest in your burrito, it’s like two meals in one! Although it is ending soon (September 30th) it is also not to late to snag the Chiptopia rewards, which gives you your 4th burrito for free.

Tropical Smoothie


Need a little before or after class boost? I suggest hitting the drive through to pick yourself up a savory Mocha Madness smoothie to give you a little kick of caffeine. Or if you feel in the mood for a fruity flavor, the sunrise sunset should hit the spot.

How to save: If that class break is just at the right time you may be in luck for smoothie happy hour. The happy hour has all smoothies 50% off from 7am to 10am each day.

Buffalo Wild Wings


Big game on tonight? Get take out or dine in and watch from all the different television networks. What I suggest is when at a wing place, order wings! There are two must-have flavors: Asian zing and honey BBQ. I also recommend original wings on the bone.

How to save: Keep your eyes on the clock. It is a Buffalo Wild Wings policy that lunch will be served in 15 minutes or less or its free.

My favorite lunchtime spot…Greens and Grains


The great thing about this spot is a lot of their ingredients are from local farms and businesses in the Shenandoah Valley. Not only do they provide a lot fresh menu items, but they also offer gluten free meals. What’s my favorite order? I could never pass up a Chipotle Pollo in a wrap and when it gets cooler out their tomato and gouda bisque is the perfect thing to warm you up!

How to save: Greens and Grains offers pick two $6.99 menu option, where you can choose two items of any of their soups, salads, sandwiches or pasta.

Campus Cookies


Someone’s birthday, or need a late night snack? Cure your sweet tooth with a carnival cookie or, if you’re really hungry — or ordering for a group, you could order an entire cookie cake! Ordering online through campus cookies is super easy and convenient; they deliver right to your door and at almost anytime of the night with hours as late as 3:00am on the weekends.

How to save: If you order cookies in bulk you will start receiving money off per cookie on orders over 2 dozen.

Have other places in mind, comment below to let us know which places are your favorites! 


Click here for a complete list of places to use flex off-campus.


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