In honor of the Grad School Fair coming to JMU tomorrow (September 20th), we decided to shout out to all of those brave souls applying to grad school this year! Here is our depiction of applying to grad school, as told by our favorite people at Dunder Mifflin:


When you thought you could slack off for your senior year and then you realize grad school applications are due in a month. 



And then you find your dream school and look at the tuition price after paying for four years of undergrad.


When you have been studying for hours for entrance exams and realize you have understood nothing.


When you go to the Grad School Fair and talk to your first recruiter. 


And then you finish your first entrance exam and come out of it like…


When a few months pass and you finally get that acceptance letter in the mail and you feel on top of the world.


When you have the realization that after you graduate you still have 2+ years of schooling…



But then it will all be worth it in the end when you are working your dream job



So if grad school is in your future, don’t miss out on the grad school fair tomorrow! Recruiters from schools around the country will be there to inform students about the various grad school programs. It’s a great event to explore options and see what is out there, and remember…


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