Apple released iOS 10 on September 13th, 2016. It brought many new changes to the interface of the iPhones of the users that chose to update. Some of the major changes that Apple made were with the look of messages and the design of the lock screen. Some of the more popular new features are sending messages with invisible ink, which you can do by “scratching off” the message blurb and either a picture or a message appears and then after a few seconds the message becomes covered again and being able to “like,” “laugh at,” “dislike,” and “love” messages by holding down on that message as well as send balloons, confetti, lasers, and fireworks on the screen with your message.

Some of the features that are also new with iOS 10 are:

  1. Raise to wake

Your iPhone 6S or 7 will now “wake up” when you lift in or when you turn it over from being face down. Your phone will light up when it detects you lifting it into the vertical position.


  1. Triple click to magnify

You can now use your iPhone camera as a magnifying glass! Turn on Magnify in Settings under General and Accessibility and then triple-click the home button and a magnifier will pop up! You are able to take photos, add a filter, and turn on the flashlight from the magnifier, as well!


  1. Rest finger to open

The lock screen has been changed a lot. If you aren’t satisfied with having to click in order to unlock your phone, you can turn on the setting to rest your finger on the home screen to unlock your phone.

  1. Voicemaildownload

Once you get a voicemail, you can now read what it says before even listening to it. Apple transcribes the message for you so you can decide if it is important to listen to. You are now also able to save voicemails to your phone and send them to other people.


  1. Photos

There are a few new features in photos. First, there are Memories which are albums that Apple made based upon locations and dates that the photos were taken. You also now have the ability to search for people and places within the app. If you search “dog,” any photos on your phone that have a dog in them will show up. There is also a new feature called photo markup which allows you to write on your photos within the app. Editing live photos is also now possible! You no longer have to save it as a still photo to adjust some of the settings.

  1. uberUse Siri to call an Uber

Requesting an Uber is now even quicker! You can ask Siri to call an Uber for you and then he or she will ask you what size Uber car you need!


  1. Seflie with Siri

Siri will now take you to the camera if you ask him or her to take a selfie for you. Enough said.




  1. iMessage

It is way more efficient sending photos in iMessage now. You don’t even have to exit the app and go to the camera with iOS 10! You can take a selfie or a picture straight from iMessage. You can also send handwritten messages when you flip your phone to landscape and you can send sketches using 3D touch. There is also a new App Store just for iMessage since you can now use apps within messages! This allows you to choose what apps have and don’t have permission to be used in iMessage.


  1. Use color filters

For those of you that are color blind- fret no more! Apple has introduced color filters that allow people with colorblindness to more easily see the colors displayed on their phones.

  1. 17237-14536-parked2-160614-xlFind my Car

Siri automatically detects when you are driving and is also able to detect when you stop. So don’t worry, if you ever forget where you parked, Siri has your back.












For more iOS 10 changes, check out Macworld’s list of every notable change.

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