College is great for learning—but there’s no better way to learn than to actually work in the field you’re studying! Gaining valuable work experience can not only give you a foot in the door at the company you’re interning for, but it can increase your knowledge of your field of work. This can set you apart from the other dozens (if not hundreds) of people applying for the same position you may be interested in! Especially in this day in age, internships are a must.  And the best part about internships is that most of them are paid! Make money, increase your chances of getting a competitive job after graduation, AND learn about the industry you may sometime work in.

Aaron Kline, a senior Finance major who interned at Morgan Stanley this summer, said,

“Internships in college allow you direct access to career opportunities along with countless networking abilities to come out of college with a stronger understanding of what you want to do,  and a possible job-in-hand going into your senior year.”

Kline was later offered a full-time position and a 3 year contract at Morgan Stanley.

Here are some samples of the internships that other JMU students have had:

Don’t forget to check out the internship fair on Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 26 and 27) from 11-3. There will be recruiters for careers and internships for all majors, so don’t miss out! 

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