I have never been a fan of taking pictures with my phone because there are so many things that it cannot do that a camera can. However, the camera technology in phones has significantly improved in the last few years. The zoom functions are a lot better, along with the low light settings. I definitely still prefer my DSLR over my iPhone but the quality is still good and it is possible to take beautiful pictures with your phone.

Here are a few steps I follow to make sure that I always get a good photo:


  1. Take lots and lots of pictures. Always be watching your surroundings. Always have your phone on you (I know we always do nowadays). It’s important to always be available and prepared because we never know when something beautiful or something important is going to happen. Practice makes perfect, after all.


That butterfly wasn’t there when I started taking pictures! Patience is key when trying to get a noteworthy and spectacular photo.

  1. Try taking pictures from different angles. Bird’s eye views are very popular now, especially with food photos. But you can take pictures from eye-level, from below (worm’s eye view), or really any angle you think of!

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With the succulents, I took a photo of them from eye-level but also from above to see which angle they looked more pleasing at. Which is better in your opinion?

  1. Take silhouette photos. It makes the photo more artsy and interesting looking!
  1. Photograph shadows and reflections. Shadows and reflections add a cool affect to any picture. Use natural light as much as possible!

5. Edit the photos to your liking. Some like the overexposed look, some like to darken the                         photos and make them look more mysterious and ominous.

The photo of the flower is overexposed, whereas the two photos of the Cathedral are underexposed.

6. Take a photo in front of any and all murals. This can add a bit of color and make your                       picture a little more fun.

7. Keep the photo/composition simple. Do not overload the photo and therefore overstimulate            the viewer. Try to apply the rule of thirds to all photos by turning on your grid lines!

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The photo of the cupcake is very simple and straightforward. The picture of the flag is also very simple, but still evokes emotion out of you because you realize that the names listed are those who died in 9/11. And then finally, the picture of the bed is simple. There are other objects in the room, such as end tables and bookshelves, but they were not included because the focus is the curtain and the lights.

8. For landscapes, use people or objects to scale the size and magnitude of the                               landscape.


9. Break the rules. Sometimes that makes for an amazing photo.

The photo of the sky and water does not apply the rule of thirds, but it’s still a good photo because the sky and the water merge and feel like one. The photo of the sunset sky also doesn’t apply the rule of thirds because 1/3 of a photo is supposed to be the sky and 2/3 is supposed to be land. However, the sky at sunset is beautiful enough to be in a photo by itself.

10. Have fun!!!!!!


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