Now that we’re in the midst of Autumn most of us are excited to break out our favorite Fall fashions. I met with a few students around campus who shared what they were excited to wear this season.

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Pechta Sok combined a white romper with over-the-knee boots and a beautiful red and orange kimono. She said, “Usually at the beginning of Fall when it’s still kind of warm, I like to mix and match Fall and Summer clothes together so that way my Summer clothes don’t go to waste, but I’m still comfortable and stylish.”

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Grant Horun, better known by his stage name, “Campus Icon,” said, “I’m really excited to wear sweaters again. I think the shawl collar of this sweater is awesome, they’re really comfortable and they keep your neck warm as the weather gets cooler.” Grant’s statement piece that he’ll wear any season is his sunglasses. He said, “People bring negativity into your life and there’s nothing like having some hater-blockers to block those people out and to keep the positivity flowing.”

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In this look, Lucy Smith paired her plaid skirt with classic Bean Boots. She’s also excited to break out her vests this Autumn. You can see more of Lucy’s style on her personal blog, Daily Dose of Prep.

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Patrick McGrath said that he was excited for Fall fashion because of layering. His go-to statement piece is a blazer. Patrick said,”You can dress blazers down with jeans or wear them with chinos. You can wear them with sweaters and a button-up shirt underneath, a t-shirt depending on how warm it is, or a patterned shirt to pop under a solid blazer.” He also noted, “It’s fun to wear a blazer because it’s not the usual. It makes me feel more confident and stand out on campus.”

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Emily Rance said her favorite Fall fashion items are scarves and booties. She said, “I like when the weather gets cooler because you can completely vamp up your outfit by accessorizing with a colorful scarf.”

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Kevin Leaven styled a more subdued look of tan and dark green. He said, “I like the Fall because you can wear neutral colors and it fits well with the scenery. Whereas in the summer I like to wear brighter colors to embody the season.”

What are your favorite Fall fashion pieces? Comment below!

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