Chances are, if you’re reading this right now,  you’re a senior like me. Chances also are that the thought of your graduation application makes you feel like this:


The fact that you’re graduating is overwhelming on it’s own. But then comes the dreaded list of people that need to review your application.

Your minor adviser








Your major adviser







Your second major adviser (who you’ve never even met).


Don’t forget the list of supplemental things to bring, such as:

Class waivers


Your Academic Requirements from MyMadison







Ten vials of blood


Your first born child







In an attempt to make things easier for you, here are five links that will hopefully help you to successfully completing your grad app.

  1. If you prefer PowerPoints, here’s one for you.
  2. Find required credit hours, department deadlines, and other FAQ’s here.
  3. Click here for an application for a Bachelor’s Degree.
  4. Have you been taking all of your major or minor classes, but you haven’t actually declared the major or minor? You need to do that to graduate. Find the form here.
  5. Find your major snapshot here.

What else might you need?

So you don’t actually need ten vials of blood or your first born child, but the majority of students will need…

  • Academic Requirements
    • Login to MyMadison
      • Student
        • Student Center
          • In drop box, select “Academic Requirements”
  • Major Checklist
    • Google “JMU ___ Major Checklist”
      • Make sure to select the correct year/whichever track you’re on if there are multiple
  • Class Waivers
    • Your adviser can print these.
    • These are for classes you took in place of a required class.
  • Unofficial Transcript
    • While filling out your major checklist and Bachelor’s Degree Application, you will need your unofficial transcript for grades, classes taken, and credit hours.
    • Login to MyMadison
      • Student
        • Student Center
          • In drop box, select “Transcript: View Unofficial”

*Make sure to check if there are any other documents that your major specifically requires.*


Time management is everything. When in doubt, get it done ahead of time.

Your major adviser(s) will need a scheduled appointment time to go through your application. Do not expect this to be a quick visit. (Side note: your minor adviser might not need as much time).

Be courteous and patient with all of your advisers. They want you to succeed and graduate. However, they have a lot on their plate right now. Please be mindful!

I hope this helped some of you feel less overwhelmed. Make sure to get your applications in by October 15th! 


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