Mr. Robot (USA Network)

Mr. Robot - Pilot
MR. ROBOT  (Photo by: Sarah Shatz/USA Network)

Starting off with a great pick, is USA Network’s Mr. Robot. If you’re into shows that are about taking down the man, or in this case taking down big business CEOs, this is a show for you. In the show main character, Elliot, is a programmer who is hired by an outside hacker group to virtually destroy the company he also works for as a security engineer. Mr. Robot even won the award for Best Television Series-Drama! It’s definitely worth it to take a break from the books for this one. Season 2 just finished, but you can head to the show’s website for all episodes or watch on Amazon Prime if you have a subscription.

Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

(Photo from


Do you have ArcherFamily Guy, or Bob’s Burgers on your list of recently watched shows? Then Bojack Horseman is another show to add to your watchlist. Not only is this show illustrated beautifully, but I promise this show will make you laugh so hard you’ll almost forget about the fact midterms are coming up soon. Ugh, yeah I know, I wish it wasn’t that that time either. Catch all three seasons on Netflix.

Easy (Netflix)

(Photo from

Now, this show is sometimes a little steamy…but what show with Orlando Bloom in it isn’t? This show follows eight Chicago lives and relationships that are trying to make it through their love lives. Every episode focuses on a different couple which means it is only 8 episodes. It just premiered recently on Netflix, too. With only eight episodes there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a watch!

Jane the Virgin (The CW)

(Photo from

Jane the Virgin is one of those shows you get into just for fun and it turns out to be one of the best. First off, the main character, Jane Villanueva, goes to the doctor for her average checkup and ends up pregnant. The way her family and love interest handle the situation touches my heart. This show has it all: drama, comedy, and love. You can catch it on The CW or season 1 on Netflix.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

(Photo from

One more show from Netflix! Stranger Things is probably my favorite show on this list. The show takes place in the ’80s and is about a young boy, Will, who vanishes from his town mysteriously after hanging out with friends. Upon starting their own search, Will’s friends come across Eleven, a  young girl who has supernatural powers. Throughout their search for Will, things get crazy and the town is taken for one heck of a ride. If you like the ’80s classic movie The Goonies, you’ll definitely love this new show.

What TV shows have you been binge-watching recently? Comment below!

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