When you have lots of other blogs and news sources to choose from, why should you subscribe to The Daily Duke? Well, fellow Dukes, I’m here to answer just that. Here’s why I think you should subscribe…

10. Read up on all things JMU over your morning coffee.


The best way to start your day. 

9. We cover the buzz on campus. 


Photo by jmu-mcrecruit.tumblr.com

Keepin’ it fresh.

8. Posts and content delivered daily. 


Always one step ahead of the game.

7. Take a break from hard-hitting news– we like to keep it light.


Positivity is key.

6. Reach us via twitter (@jmudailyduke) and tell us what you want us to cover. 


You want it? You got it.

5. All of our writers are JMU dukes, just like you.


Photo by jmusportsblog.com

We just get it.

4. We feature JMU alumni who are doing pretty cool things. 


Take the Olympics, for example. 

3. We hold contests for JMU students.


Not to mention, some pretty cool prizes.

2. We do it and review it. All of our reviews are based on first-hand experience as a team. 


Go team, go!

1. Wake up to a Daily Duke email in your inbox everyday.


Let’s be real– we all check our email before we start our day. 

Subscribe to The Daily Duke by entering your email address on our homepage.


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