The new Mason Parking Deck that opened this year across from the Student Success Center has been the newest attraction for off-campus student drivers (shout out to JMU Parking Services!) The prime location of the deck and amount of spots it offers clearly makes it a very desirable parking choice for students, ultimately causing the lot to become a competitive place to find a parking spot. Any of you who have embarked on the journey to find a spot in Mason Deck can probably relate to these 10 thoughts. 

1. Before entering the parking deck, mentally prepare yourself. Deep breathing may help.


2. Now that you’ve collected your thoughts, you are ready to enter the lot. It’s happening.


3. Make sure to always keep your eyes out for walkers heading to their cars! No walkers escape your sight.


4. You’ve finally found someone leaving their spot. Jackpot!


5. Walking away from your parked car, you feel accomplished. You see the other stragglers still searching to find a spot and mentally wish them luck, but at the same time, are very relieved that is no longer you.


6. It’s time to head back to your car after class. But first things first… the struggle of trying to remember which floor you parked on.


7. Once you finally locate the whereabouts of your car, you begin to notice the line of traffic trying to leave the parking lot.


8. You begin to get a little frustrated. Only a little.


9. Finally you can see the exit! It’s almost over.


10. Pulling out of the lot brings on an overwhelming sense of relief. It’s been a successful day of parking. See you tomorrow, Mason Deck!


Hopefully you enjoyed this comical relief to your parking struggles. All in all, the new Mason Deck is competitive for a reason – students love to park there! Thank you to JMU Parking Services for all your hard work making this new lot possible. The Mason Deck along with all other lots on campus are much appreciated by all of us drivers here at JMU. For any additional information regarding parking permits, hours, or lot availability visit the link provided.

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