Stressed? Getting no sleep? Feels like your head is spinning?


It’s that time of year again. Midterm season. With all of your assignments, tests, and projects it can be really hard to keep your GPA up and the way you want it.

JMU offers some amazing facilities to help keep you on track and at your best this semester! Check out how these programs can help you boost your GPA!

JMU’s Learning Strategies Instruction

LSI logo color proofThe Learning Strategies department at JMU specializes in individual academic coaching. This type of coaching doesn’t just focus on how to study. They help you get organized for the semester by helping you plan out your entire schedule.

From when to study for certain tests to when you can spend your free time. Focusing on keeping you healthy and able to study and learn at your best time is their main priority. Want to learn more? Check it out here!

JMU’s Learning Centers

JMU has six different learning centers to help students further their education. These centers offer tutoring in different subjects and are taught by JMU undergraduate and graduate students. Located in SSC, students can find individual and group tutoring.

Communication Center: SSC 1143

Digital Communication: SSC 1146

English Language Learner Services: SSC 1152

Peer Assisted Study Sessions: SSC 1119

Science and Math: SSC 1100

  • Free tutoring for science and math! What more could you ask for?
  • The Science and Math department are here to help you with homework assignments, lab reports, and studying for your next exam.
  • There is no appointment necessary, so stop by anytime!

University Writing Center: SSC First Floor

  • Need help writing a paper? The University Writing Center helps students with scholarly articles, arguments, fiction and personal narratives, formatting and citation and research strategies.

Along with these awesome JMU facilities, there is also one very important aspect that you need to do to boost your GPA. Take care of yourselves, Dukes! Being at your best physically and emotionally is the best way to boost your GPA this semester. Make sure you are eating well and getting some SLEEP! 


If any of these JMU facilities have helped you boost your grades this semester, comment below and tell us about it!

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