JMU is notorious in the business world for producing some of the hardest working individuals. When it comes to finding the perfect job, you need to learn how to market your experience and skills and tailor them to what you’re looking for. Follow these steps and you’ll gain a serious advantage over the competing applicants.


Networking is the number 1 most critical component to finding a job. Get to know people, talk to you friends and capitalize on your “loose” connections. Loose connections are people who you may have a common friend with, or have met briefly at a party or gathering. Loose connections can also be your friend’s parents, your aunt’s boss, or a recruiter you randomly found on LinkedIn. Learning how to network with anyone – especially people who you aren’t close with, will open endless doors in almost any field of work. Also, it can be fun! You’ll make friends in the process.


STEP 2. Get Experience in the Field

The only thing that’s just as important as the process of landing your dream job is learning what your dream job is. You can benefit from any experience, so put yourself out there and apply for an internship in the field. Your time is never wasted – if the internship solidifies your love for that particular field, great. If it turns out you hate what you’re doing, at least you know earlier on and you can change your path. You may want to work in a career in finance, until you find out that you may be more interested in the marketing side of things. Getting experience in your field of work is crucial to finding out what you really want to do!


STEP 3. Pitch Why You’ll be a Good Fit

Start your search by tailoring your resume in a format that the company will be looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a job in sales, write about how your great communication and public speaking skills. Or if you’re looking for a job in journalism, discuss your experience as a writer. Also, do extensive research on what your position entails, and show the company how you can be an asset to them.


STEP 4. Be Confident and Persistent

Confidence is what separates the most successful people in the world from the average. Know that you can do this. Know that you qualify for this position. And most importantly, know that you’ll succeed! Being able to display that you’ll be a valuable asset to where you want to work will distinguish you as a candidate. Another component to this is persistence; persistence shows that you’re passionate about getting the job. Employers appreciate candidates who know what they want, and work to achieve it!


If you put in the effort to search through your options and try, you’ll be surprised at your potential! If you need anymore help landing your dream job, JMU’s Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Office is available for resume review, interview preparation, and more.

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