screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-2-10-45-pmCurious about the progress of Madison Hall? Construction on the new building across from the Student Success Center is coming along, so we took a tour and wanted to share some updates. To start… the first floor (of four total) will be the new home of Admissions (which will be moving out of Sonner Hall). When prospective students and families visit campus in the future, they will begin their tours from Madison Hall after their admissions presentation in the new space.

On the second floor, there will be offices for International Programs and access to the bridge that connects Madison Hall to SSC. The third floor will also house admissions offices; and the Graduate School administrative offices will be located on the fourth floor.

The first floor will have large presentation rooms for Admissions tours, in contrast to the smaller presentation rooms in Sonner that we have now. This will allow for more people to hear about everything JMU has to offer!

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On the first floor there will also be a physics lab that tour groups and families will be able to look into through a wall of glass as students and professors work in the space.

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When Madison Hall is complete, a bridge connecting to SSC will be opened as well. The bridge is all glass and, looking out, you are able to see Burruss and Miller, along with parts of SSC and parts of Madison Hall and the Mason Street Deck.

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Madison Hall is set to be opening next fall, so be sure to check it out then! 

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