Sometimes the best part about a football game isn’t the football game itself. Tailgating is the other half of a sports experience, and it’s estimated that around 30% of tailgaters don’t even make it to the game! Here are some brief tips on how to host the perfect tailgate!


  1. The GRILL

Every great tailgate is based upon food and grilling! It is absolutely the most important part of a tailgate. Bring a grill; whether its a cheap charcoal grill that you got from Wal-Mart for 20$, or a high tech grill powered by your car (yes, it’s a thing). Having a grill is what separates the pros from the amateurs. You’ll need a lighter and grilling utensils too!

Also, don’t forget all of the essential food items- here’s a short list: burgers, hot dogs, wings, condiments, chips, dips, and drinks.


2. Games

Its imperative to bring some activities for the tailgate. A little friendly rfs1tet8competition before the real competition of the football game starts! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Kan Jam: the point of the game is to simply hit the opponents can with a frisbee! This is easily the most fun outdoors game you’ll ever play.


Cornhole: the tailgating classic! Get a JMU themed set, too!

3. Spirit!

Get pumped up! There’s no such thing as having too much JMU pride. The more JMU pride you have, the better you’ll do on exams. Actually that’s probably not true but regardless, go dukes!! Do what these guys did below!


Share your ideas to make the perfect tailgate below!


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