Happy Halloween Dukes! 

Have you run out of costume ideas? Well we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 JMU themed costumes that you can throw together last minute!

1. James Madison

Graphics by Dylan Bozic
  • What to buy = a white curly wig, a black hat, white high socks, long trench coat
  • Cost = black hat ($6.00 at Walmart) + white colonial wig ($10.00 at Walmart) + white high socks ($5.00 Target) + black trench coat ($25.00) = $45.00
  • How to make it = Wear black, gray or tan pants and roll them up to mid-calf length. Wear high white socks or tall black or brown boots. You have a few options for the top half. You could wear a long black trench coat with a white dress shirt underneath. You could also wear a vest and white dress shirt.

2.  The Duke Dog

Graphics by Dylan Bozic
  • What to buy = headband and brown fabric for dog ears, crown (preferably purple), JMU jersey or purple cape, all gray clothing
  • Cost = plain headband ($2.50at Target) + brown fabric ($3.00 at Michaels) + duke dog crown ($6.00 at University Outpost) = ($15.50)
  • How to make it = Cut out 2 ear-shaped pieces from brown fabric, glue or tape to a plain headband

3.  A Pile of JMU streamers 


  • What to buy = If you caught streamers at the game.. this costume doesn’t require any purchases! If not, check the bookstore or Target for purple and gold streamers.
  • Cost = 1 purple streamer ($2.00) + 1 gold streamer ($2.00) = $4.00
  • How to make it = Assuming you attended the football game on Saturday (because why wouldn’t you?!), hopefully you caught plenty of purple and gold streamers. If not, craft stores like Party City and possibly the JMU bookstore sell JMU colored streamers. P.S. It may require some tape to keep the streamers stuck on.

4. Cheesy Thursday Grilled Cheese


  • What to buy = 2 large poster boards, orange paint, orange long-sleeved shirt (optional)
  • Cost = Poster boards ($5.00 at Michaels) + spray paint ($6.00 at Michaels) = ($11.00)
  • How to make it = Wear long pants and long sleeved orange shirt (optional). Cut both poster boards in the shape of pieces of bread. Paint the boards orange.
  • Bonus! If your friend also needs a costume, why not complete the delicious food combo with Tomato Soup (literally have your friend wear all red with a Campbell’s soup sign that says “tomato soup”).

5. Quad Cat


  • What to buy = Cat ears, white and black face paint
  • Cost = Cat ears ($6.99 at Party City) + Face paint ($2.00 at Party City) = $9.00
  • How to make it = Wear all black. Put cat ears on. Paint black whiskers, white freckles, and black a nose. To make it clear your more than just a normal basic Halloween cat, you could wear a sign that says “Quad Cat” or simply add JMU items to your attire such as a JMU face sticker or purple beads.

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