Traditionally, professors are people that we see and get to know through the classroom, office hours, and other academic settings. To break that barrier, JMU offers a way to get to know your professor in a more casual setting, away from the books and assignments.

What is TPLC?

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-1-59-16-pmTake Your Professor to Lunch or Coffee (TPLC) is a program sponsored by the Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI) and General Education, that gives professors and students the opportunity to meet in a group for lunch or coffee and get to know each other outside of the typical classroom environment. The goal of this program is to establish an educational relationship and develop a professional connection with your professor. TPLC is offered to faculty who teach classes with student enrollments of 50 or more, where it can sometimes be difficult to make a personal connections.

The lunch or coffee is complimentary and can take place at a variety of on-campus dining locations such as Madison Grill, Ehall, Bistro 1908, Java City in Memorial Hall, and the Starbucks in ECL. Applications for the fall semester have already filled up, but applications for spring semester will be available in January 2017 with a limit of 40 set-up lunch or coffee dates. A student representative of the TPLC program will arrange a time with the professor to come into the classroom, present on the program, and randomly select 6 students who are interested and available to attend the lunch on a given date.

My Lunch Date with my SMAD 442 Professor


A student TPLC representative came into my SMAD 442 class a few weeks ago and presented on the program. Considering the time and date of the lunch worked with my schedule, I thought why not get to know my teacher and classmates better – and it’s a free lunch!
Our sit-down lunch took place at Madison Grill, which was fun because I haven’t gotten the chance to eat there since my sophomore year. It was nice to be able to talk about a range of topics and get away from the typical teacher-student conversation regarding class assignments and tests. We talked about where we were from, what our post-grad plans were, and simply got to know each other better. Not only was I able to connect with my professor in a small group setting, I got to know some of my classmates who I maybe wouldn’t normally have a longer conversations with.
If given the opportunity, I definitely recommend attending a lunch or coffee with your professor through this program! Getting to know your professor and classmates can make you feel more comfortable in the class, more confident in approaching your peers and teachers, and even have more insight into the course itself.

Interested in getting to know your professor better? Click here to check out the TPLC application! 

If you have further questions about the program you can email

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